The operational guidelines of the CIVA, ratified by the General Assembly on February 21, 2002, describes the organisation as well as the missions of the various authorities of the Interprofession.

The professional structures

The list of organisations and most representative syndicates called to designate the members of the Conseil interprofessionnel, was defined by order on February 16, 1988. Twelve permanent members are elected from each of the two families (production and trade), who thus designate six co-opted members each.

For the wine producers

The Association of viticulturists of Alsace4
The Federation of Wine Cooperatives of Alsace4
The Syndicate of independent wine-growers of Alsace 2
The Viticulture Group of the C.D.J.A. Haut-Rhin et Bas-Rhin1
The Syndicate of wine nurserymen of Alsace1
12 members

For wine negociants and brokers

The Association of negociant-producers of Alsace vineyards7
The Youth Association of negociant-producers of Alsace vineyards1
The Syndicate of the Departments of the Rhine of Wholesale Wine & Spirits 3
The Regional Syndicate of the Wine Brokers of Alsace1
12 members

The General Assembly

The general assembly convenes at least once each year. It brings together the 36 professional members and some 20 consulting members representing the principal administrations and professional bodies.

They engage in the following missions:

  • Approval of the annual provisional budget
  • Approval of the numbers for the last fiscal year
  • Setting of the sum of the interprofessional membership fee
  • The approval of three-year interprofessional agreements that regulate the functioning of procedures for “Vins d’Alsace” and of its potential campaign changes.