The four fundamental missions stated by the decree of 1963 are as follows:

  • To undertake all studies and data on the production and commercialization of Alsace wines and centralize all technical, economic and practical statistics and information.
  • To bring to the producers, wine cooperatives, negociants, brokers and agents, all possible technical and practical assistance useful for the improvement of the vineyards and the quality of Alsace wines.
  • To facilitate relations between producers and grape-buyers, such as studying matters of price-fixing of the annual harvests, as well as the terms of payment applicable to the transactions concerning them.
  • To educate consumers, in particular foreign consumers, about the quality of wines of Alsace, and to develop the exportation of these wines.

The law of July 10, 1975 modified relative to the Organisation Interprofessionnelle Agricole, came to reinforce the prerogatives of the Interprofessions, and by way of consequence those of the CIVA through the procedure of extension (validation by interministerial ruling of the decisions made by General Assembly, including marketing procedures that were not expressly outlined by the decree of 1963).