Soil & sunshine mark the terroir
Soil & sunshine mark the terroir

Sheltered from oceanic influence by the Vosges mountains, the Alsace wine region enjoys some of the lowest rainfall in France (just 400-500mm or 16-20 inches per year) and is blessed with a semi-continental climate—sunny, warm and dry.


Situated on the Vosgian foothills, at an altitude of 200 to 400m the vineyards take maximum advantage of their exposure to the sun, particularly as the vines are trained along high wires.

These specific advantages of the Alsace vineyards encourage the slow, extended ripening of the grapes, resulting in elegant, complex aromas and flavours.

The geology of Alsace is a veritable mosaic of soils, made up of granite, limestone, schist and sandstone. Such a wide variety of soils, covering about 15,000 hectares, helps to bring out the finest characteristics of each grape variety, while the imprint of a particular terroir gives each Alsace wine its own unique individuality and complexity.