Alsace Gastronomy

Alsace has long been celebrated as one of the finest food and wine regions in all of France.

What is the secret to such epicurean passion? Quite simply, it is the fine produce, slow-cooked dishes, simple authentic flavours, the delicious diversity of foods, and of course Alsace wines, that bring to life the cuisine of Alsace with their vibrancy and spirit. It may even be that they were the very source of inspiration for Alsace cuisine.

Whether part of the recipe, or a partner to the dish, Alsace wines are the essential ingredient that mysteriously unites the various specialities of this region.

What secret alchemy associates trout or pike-perch with Riesling? Or foie-gras with Pinot Gris? Or Munster with Gewurztraminer? Is it the climate, the terroir, the people or the atmosphere of the place?

If nothing else, this makes a fine topic of conversation during a meal! And even if the debate is not resolved, one thing is certain: the pleasure around the table will never disappoint.

Bon appétit !