Bouteille Gewürztraminer
Bouteille Gewürztraminer
Fruit de la passion
fromages rose
cuisine asiatique
grappe de raisin


Gewurztraminer is a particularly aromatic selection of an old grape variety that has always been recognized in Alsace as Traminer rose. In the past, it was known as Traminer, and was not as powerful a wine as Gewurztraminer. It is interesting to note that the Klevener de Heiligenstein, a varietal grown in a small area in the region of Barr, is a variant of this Traminer, still called Savagnin Rose. Etymologically, the name Gewurztraminer literally translates as “spicy Traminer”.


Appearance :
Its colour is intense, yellow with light golden highlights. The red colour of the grapes naturally influences the colour of the wine.
Nose :
A rich and exuberant aromatic palette characterizes Gewurztraminer. The bouquet is intense and complex, offering an explosion of exotic fruits (lychee, passion fruit, pineapple, mango), flowers (notably rose), citrus (orange peel) and spices (gingerbread, peppermint, cloves and pepper). Frequent aromas of honey and ripe fruits also contribute to giving these wines an incomparably rich nose.
Palate :
This is a full-bodied wine, with solid structure and a round fullness. With Gewurztraminer, the freshness is always more subtle than with other Alsace grape varieties. In tasting this wine, one rediscovers the complete aromatic palette, often with the addition of liquorice. Harvested very ripe, “late harvest” and “Selection de Grains Nobles” Gewurztraminers ranging from sweet to viscous, possess exceptional richness and extraordinary aromatic complexity.

Food and wine pairing

Typical of the wines of Alsace, Gewurztraminer pairs beautifully with spicy dishes and strong cheeses such as Munster, and equally well with foie gras and the most intensely flavoured aromatic herbs and spices. In addition, it is the ideal partner for Asian cuisines such as Chinese, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Malaysian, Thai and Indian.


Leaf :
Small, round, with three lobes and red veins.
Bunch :
Small, trunk-like and rather loose
Berry :
Small, rounded shape, ranging in colour from pink to light red. It juices are perfumed with a light, musky flavour.

In the vineyards

Gewurztraminer is a moderately productive, early ripening grape. It is well-adapted to sandy-chalky, granite-rich, and clay-sand soils. It is a demanding varietal that thrives with good exposure.